Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls: Improvised Musicals For Any Occasion

Hidden Falls is a musical improvisation troupe based in Boston, MA.  We develop and perform fully-improvised musicals, based on a variety of formats.  Our first performance was in 2010 at the Boston Comedy Arts Festival, and we have since played other venues across the country, including NYC, Chicago, and Greenfield, MA.  We are wicked experienced improvisers with families, jobs, and other commitments, but who want to keep making up songs!  Our home base is ImprovBoston in Cambridge, MA.

News & Reviews

New Hidden Falls Format Coming Summer 2016!

Hidden Falls will be presenting Inglorious Bios! this summer, creating an improvised musical based on a historical person suggested by the audience.  Check Performances for details!

Theater Geek Review, Oct. 7, 2014.  Sharknado!

"Look, they improvised a full-length Broadway-scale musical adaptation of Sharknadobased upon a suggestion from an audience member who couldn’t even recite salient plot details. Based solely upon these merits, I would be remiss if I told you anything but drop whatever you’re doing at 10:00 PM this Friday and go to ImprovBoston to see this show."

Full Review

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